Greetings Comrade!

We are so thankful for your interest in supporting Mx. Juneteenth: A Black and Queer Liberation Celebration 2022. Our vision is to foster a collaborative environment to honor our ancestors, encourage community support and express joy and we are so grateful for your willingness to assist so we can have a safe and exciting event! There is an immediate need for safe and affirming space to experience joy and jubilation. The past year and those leading up to it have been difficult, particularly for Black folx. Organizers, activists, and advocates alike have been in overdrive to create a world where our uniqueness can be celebrated and not persecuted. Our goal as a collective is to create an opportunity to honor the Black tradition and commune with one another while making an intentional space for those whose Blackness exists at the intersections like LGBTQIA+, elder, disabled, immigrant/refugee, and other forms of marginalization to thrive!

Apply at the links below:


Food Vendors:

Performers, Drag Queens, DJs, Poets (anyone who wants to be on stage):

Community Organizations/Partnerships:

Small Businesses, Artists (anyone who wants to sell goods or services):